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Estudantes Curso Idioma Viagens



Courses are created to combine cultural aspects, habits and socio-economical topics, tailored to capture specific necessities. The student learns the essential vocabulary and grammar used during international travel.

Presential classes or via Skype

Languages available

English Spanish Italian Portuguese


To be able to communicate during international travel, using the appropriate vocabulary and most recurring expressions, in situations such as:

  • Checking-in,

  • Booking hotel, theatres etc,

  • Restaurant vocabulary and etiquette,

  • Making and receiving telephone calls,

  • Asking for directions and information.


Creating a combination of teaching techniques which immerses the student in the second language; ensuring, the student acquires a high level of fluency over a short period of time. This methodology is applied according to the student’s profile, goals and reflects the student/company’s interests and expectations. It a proven concept that increases the student’s oral and written skills.

The activities performed during the course are drawn from daily work related situations of the student through the following:

  • Students practise and consolidate the language learned in class in order to self-assess the progress.
  • Use of audio and visual material such as CD-ROMs, DVDs and audio CDSs specifically developed to assist the learning of a second language.
  • Emphasise is given to develop oral communication using appropriate style and vocabulary.
  • Providing regular Assessment Tests.
  • Continual liaison with student’s company or sponsor through Progress and Attendance Reports.


Além dos livros didáticos, o aluno conta com material extra como:

  • Course book,
  • Extra activities, including role playing,
  • Audio CD.
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