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Aula Curso Vip Expresso Executivos



Classes are individually prepared for executives, directors and senior management personnel seeking improvement in a second language. Through a high level of practice the student enhances his communication ability providing a more persuasive and efficient superiority in business negotiations.

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To increases the student’s self-confidence and enhance the student’s linguistic abilities to deal with a myriad of complex topics.

Some of our most popular courses:

  • Power point presentations,
  • Commercial e-mails,
  • Conference calls.


Creating a combination of teaching techniques which immerses the student in the second language; ensuring, the student acquires a high level of fluency over a short period of time. This methodology is applied according to the student’s profile, goals and reflects the student/company’s interests and expectations. It a proven concept that increases the student’s oral and written skills.

The activities performed during the course are drawn from daily work related situations of the student through the following:

  • Students practise and consolidate the language learned in class in order to self-assess the progress.
  • Use of audio and visual material such as CD-ROMs, DVDs and audio CDSs specifically developed to assist the learning of a second language.
  • Emphasise is given to develop oral communication using appropriate style and vocabulary.
  • Providing regular Assessment Tests.
  • Continual liaison with student’s company or sponsor through Progress and Attendance Reports.


The material is selected according to the student’s professional goals and field of expertise.

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