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Professora Curso Idiomas



We create a broad and dynamic educational approach that values communication competency and leads the student to achieve a broad understanding of the language...

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Aula Curso Regular Idioma


Creating a combination of teaching techniques which immerses the student in the second language; ensuring, the student acquires a high level of fluency over a short period of time...

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VIP Express for Executives

Classes are individually prepared for executives, directors and senior management personnel seeking improvement in a second language...

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Aula Curso Vip Expresso Executivosr

International Exams

Preparatory courses are offered for the following Exams: KET, PTE, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEIC, TOEFL, DELE, CILS/CELI...

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Estudantes Curso Preparatório Exames Internacionais


Courses are created to combine cultural aspects, habits and socio-economical topics, tailored to capture specific necessities...

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Curso Preparatório Exames Internacionais


During our Immersion courses our students ‘’live and breathe’’ the second language...

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Estudantes Curso Idiomas Conversação


Designed for students with a ‘good grasp’ of the second language. We provide a program aimed at expanding their vocabulary and improve their fluency...

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Estudantes Curso Idiomas Conversação


This program was recently created to ensure perfect communication. This course focuses on pronunciation, intonation and linguistic rhythm through enjoyable and dynamic classes...

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Aula Curso Pronuncia
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